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Web Accessibility

POLODAAI is Web accessibility monitoring tool that provides powerful and robust technological solutions in the market today.

POLODAAI performs periodic and repeated monitoring of your site.

Our monitoring/auditing tool showcases ongoing updates to your site accessibility standards and highlights potential violation risks. Our seamless interface allows all your team members to view and review the current issues to manage the required adjustments.

The Perfect Web Accessibility For Website

Check accessibility errors of the published content

Communicate required updates to your in-house team

Troubleshoot instantly to prevent potential recurrence

Fix any errors remaining and manually audit the website

Get complete WCAG compliance and certificates

Periodic monitoring of web accessibility of your domain

How does monitoring work?

POLODAAI monitors and scans your website domain to uncover any and every possible issue that can hinder the accessibility or may result in a violation risk for your organization. It’s fully customizable and hassles free to use which adapts to your website’s design or template.

We schedule scans to audit any and every change made to the content, code, and user experience that could pose potential blocks to users. In addition, we keep track of existing rules, regulations, and technology regarding accessibility, so that you remain compliant.

All the updates to your site will be scanned and integrated with our accessibility AI Tool POLODAAI as well, so you remain accessible for all even as you add content to your website.

  • Scan and Upgrade Website
    Insert site & generate code - Insert your domain and get the Accessibility code.
  • Report & Analyse
    Now you can see what issues are fixed by POLODAAI and the remaining errors.
  • Upgrade your Accessibility
    Our accessibility experts provide complete compliance and certificate for other regions.
  • Support and Maintenance
    View checklist of immediate accessibility issues using POLODAAI Web Remediation Widget.

Studies shows that a website with perfectly monitored web accessibility grows its brand value and customer base 10 folds. Polosoft Technologies offer you the brighter side of the picture by doing it for your websites and domain.

Is Your Web Accessible ?

Get the customers an enhanced and customizable experience
with ADA compliance.