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Poloda AI Assistant
Your Virtual Agent

Help your customers get stuff done quickly, without waiting in the queue

Deliver exceptional customer experiences
anywhere & Everywhere

Polodaai Assistant uses artificial intelligence that understands customers in context to provide fast, consistent, and accurate answers across any application, device, or channel. Remove the frustration of long wait times, tedious searches, and unhelpful chatbots with the leader in trustworthy.

Pays for itself


Less than 6 months for payback on investment and delivers 337% in ROI according to Forrester TEI report.

More accurate


Proven up to 14.7% more accurate than competitive solutions in a recent published study on machine learning.



Proven a trusted and reliable partner with over 1,000 client deployments across every industry.

Faster, helpful, and more consistent than ever

Your customers want to engage with you and being prepared for every use case matters. Poloda AI Assistant and natural language processing (NLP) actually improves the user experience on the channels they use most.


Easily recognize more topics and content than any other chatbot. Give your customers truly accurate and complete answers with robust topic understanding, AI-powered intelligent search, and human agent handoff.


Answer questions with real-time Natural Language Processing (NLP) in very few steps. Efficient and tailored interactions, including rich media, results in a high completion and containment rate.


Keep the conversation going with AI that adapts to customer needs and doesn’t break when deviations occur in conversations.

No limitations, no complications, no code required

Create and launch a highly-intelligent, AI-powered virtual agent in an hour without writing a single line of code. Connect to existing content sources and applications to get stuff done for your customers.


Build a better customer experience without a degree in computer science. Get up and running in minutes by using a drag-and-drop interface to build dialog. Then customize your chatbot to fit your brand and embed it in your website with a simple copy and paste.


Future proof your customers’ experiences by integrating with existing channels and back-end systems to complete their journey. Poloda AI Assistant’s robust integrations can answer questions, perform transactions, and route customers to the agents they need.


Built with security, scalability, and flexibility, Poloda AI Assistant understands any written language and is designed for global deployment.

Affordable Price


Small/Startup Organisation


Mid Organisation


Large Organisation

Is Your Web Accessible ?

Get the customers an enhanced and customizable experience
with ADA compliance.