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AI Enhance Accessibility
with Human Touch

Check your accessibility score,
Learn exactly  where you stand.

Learn the compliance level of your website instantly, get an audit report of all deficiencies and places that need a rework.

Enter your domain

Test any domain, anywhere on the web. There's no limit to the number of tests you can run

Get a detailed & accurate audit

The results will have details for every section of the scan, whether you’re compliant or not. A complete of the website or domain.

Download the audit

You can use the report to share with your team or peers get a suggestion to decide your next step.

Which Audit is Right for your website?

Detailed Accessibility Assessment

If your organization’s website and applications got to accommodate specific accessibility necessities, this is often the place to begin. Our specialists can conduct a full assessment of your content and walk you through an in-depth issue report for accessibility.

Verification Testing of Website

Once your team has fixed all the accessibility problems found in your initial assessment, verification testing makes sure that every issue has been fixed and is functionally accessible. It consists of a series of repetitious assessments meeting your compliance goals.

Conformance Statements and VPAT

If your organization needs a VPAT or another documentation of your level of compliance with accessibility necessities, our team will perform an associate degree assessment and supply the statement or documents declaring your current state of compliance.

Design Audit Assessments

Design Audit are perfect for keeping ahead of your competitors when you’re building new sites and applications. Our specialists will review your style wireframes and supply elaborated reports suggesting potential accessibility errors and facilitate solutions.

Experience the Change with POLODA AI

We bring you a high-quality Accessibility experience with the perfect solution for compliance of WCAG and ADA

Audit reports that help understands critical facts and code-level information.

Highly efficient, just 2-minute installation for 24*7 automatic accessibility.

Serves the specially-abled with the inclusion of boost of SEO & search rankings.

Web Accessibility Tool on Demand

New Compliance Concerns

The rules for digital accessibility are ever upgrading and changing. Your accessibility compliance requirements need to change too, you’ll need an audit to figure out where your digital content currently stands.

Proof of Compliance

If you’re a contractor operating for the govt. or another organization with accessibility needs for vendors, you need to have an audit and documentation to prove your work or merchandise are compliant.

Determining the Risk

Your concern for your organization’s level of accessibility (or lack thereof) might put you at risk of a lawsuit, an audit for your web assessability is a great way to provide evidence that your organization needs to invest in an accessibility program.

Checking Your Work

If you’re lucky enough to have a team that’s already actively working on your digital accessibility, it’s not a bad idea to get an expert assessment to make sure your checklist is ticked off with none crossed.

Some testing categories

A webpage or a domain has a lot of variables to be audited, all of which are down below:

  • Clickables
    button, links & controls more
  • Orientation
    focus, popups & more
  • Menus
    navigations, dropdowns & more
  • Carousels
    regions, controls & more
  • Tables
    layouts, headings & more
  • Forms
    validations, labels & more
  • Document
    language, landmarks & more
  • Readability
    headings, contrasts & more

Is Your Web Accessible ?

Get the customers an enhanced and customizable experience
with ADA compliance.