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Vision and

It’s all about giving a damn, It just is. Accessibility shouldn’t be the one to stifle creativity and innovation. It needs and should be a part of it all, and it all starts with one small step. Roll out the welcome mat and increase engagement by fostering a more accessible digital space for your user base.

We look forward to making accessibility a part of your success journey!

The needs to be a perfect solution

It must be user-oriented

It should be developed along with and supported by the live end-users, with constant implementation of feedback. Nothing will replace the opinions and experiences of real users, creating their recommendation and feedback overriding for achievement.

It must be affordable

If it is not reasonable for businesses of all sizes, particularly small-and-medium ones, is not scalable and thus isn't relevant for the overwhelming majority of companies. This achieves very little impact, leaving most of the market inaccessible.

It must achieve a win-win situation

If businesses need to pay a fortune, then they will not hassle with it, making everyone lose. A solution for the win-win is by creating websites accessible to end-users and creating it attainable for businesses to extend their client base.

It must be scalable

To achieve an enormous impact, by reaching many lots of websites, it should be plug-and-play, immediate to deploy with the smallest configuration, and straightforward to know by nontechnical individuals.

It must achieve high accessibility standards

It should be over simply a legal bandaid and really create websites accessible, each in step with standards (WCAG) and to real-life experiences that the end-users face once they are on-line.

It must comply with legislation

Accessibility is basically a civil right, creating it essential for such an answer to stick to and suit worldwide legislation and to hide the legal aspects of internet accessibility.

Impacting the society

We've raised the awareness of a large number of businesses by investing millions of dollars to promote and mark the importance of accessibility to people’s attention.

We get daily 'Thank you' emails from end-users who are excited for the flexibility to browse, interact with, and make purchases from websites they could not before.

Since the beginning, we tend to use and involve dozens of users with totally different disabilities aboard all of our efforts within the development and testing of our resolution.

We were ready to facilitate thousands of small and startup businesses fully dismiss lawsuits that otherwise would have blasted their business and lives.

We frequently run cooperative awareness campaigns and initiatives with leading disability-focused organizations.

We have provided our resolution, fully free of charge, for thousands of non-profit and support organizations around the world encompassing totally different problems.

We've already remodeled 100,00 websites of small and medium businesses that otherwise could not have achieved compliance, accessible to people with disabilities.

We've helped dozens of enterprises after manual remedy projects did not maintain their compliance despite regular and constant web site updates.

It’s a win for all

Affordable for any business

There are many services that businesses consider when allocating resources. Web accessibility should be an obvious choice and the best way to ensure this is by making it affordable for everyone. POLODA starts at $45 a month and every price plan includes all services, as well as ongoing maintenance.

We understand business needs

We understand that businesses, especially small and medium ones, have so much on their plates. If a web accessibility solution isn’t simple and fast to integrate, they won’t even bother with it. We've optimized POLODA to just a single line of code of installation for everything to just work automatically. Without dashboards, without configurations, without clutter, and without roadblocks - if you want to be accessible, you should have no obstacles.

AI is extremely scalable because it is automated

You can count on AI to get the job done without making human mistakes, tiring out, or asking for a raise. We apply AI and automation to every website we make accessible for immediate and thorough results every single time. This way, we are able to remediate thousands of websites in the time it used to remediate just one.

AI doesn’t rest and keeps on updating every day

We know that businesses constantly add and update content on their websites to keep up with sales and marketing efforts, engage with customers, and more. Our solution keeps on processing after the initial remediation to make sure every website update is being remediated and up to accessibility standards.

Is Your Web Accessible ?

Get the customers an enhanced and customizable experience
with ADA compliance.