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Multimedia Accessibility
Is Important

Making your Audio, Video and Texts Accessible for Specially-abled.

Multimedia accessibility is the delivery of the information, intent and content presented in videos and audios immaterial of user’s disability. We enable

Synchronized Captions

Text Transcripts

Audio Descriptions

Audio Content Accessibility

To ensure the accessibility of your audio-only content, we serve:

  • Providing a transcript for all website audio content in a format that specially-abled users with audio processing disabilities opt for accessibility.
  • When a specially-abled user encounters audio content, a transcript of the content must be available either as a supplemental document or by a hyperlink.

Video Content Accessibility

To ensure the accessibility of your video-only content:

  • Providing an audio track describing the video content to be consumed which includes a step-by-step diagram with the audio description.
  • A textual description is provided of the video in website content before preceding the video or a link to another web page that describes the video.

Multimedia Content Accessibility

To ensure the accessibility of your multimedia (video plus audio):

  • For any and every time-based multimedia presentation, a synchronized equivalent alternative presentation is provided.
  • Multimedia content in any format is checked in order for the captions to be in sync with the available multimedia.

Digital Document Accessibility

To enable users with the correct document accessibility:

  • Generating the digital documents from other documents with proper structural markups, such as Microsoft Word and ODF.
  • Creating the digital documents with the proper heading structure, body spacing, plain font and text size with a minimum of 12points.

Accessibility Control for Media

Providing complete Multimedia Accessibility for your specially-abled visitors is not sufficient unless they have the right control over the media.

  • Automated content, i.e. provides controls to start, stop or disable the content.
  • Provide appropriate text-based labels for all the controls provided to users.
  • Provide context and orientation information for automated or highly complex content.
  • Make the tab order logical and consistent with the navigational or visual presentation.

Media accessibility enhances the engagement of the specially-abled visitors increasing the trust and brand value. POLODAAI helps your gain the growth you deserve making it even for all your visitors increasing your customer base.

Is Your Web Accessible ?

Get the customers an enhanced and customizable experience
with ADA compliance.